Thursday, August 18, 2016

Summer Favourites 2016

     I have always felt like little, even insignificant things can help me relax and just just chill. As someone who is in a constant search of new experiences I tend to have mixed tastes in many areas. Luckily, this summer was full of discoveries, so I'd like to share people and things that I just literally fell in love with. There are two more sweet weeks to find new stuff to add to this list, but anyways here are 8 items I really enjoyed: 
  • Movies & TV Shows
  1.  The Night Manager
    As someone who has been John le Carré fan for some time, I was really skeptical on this one. Everybody knows that great books never make into good movies. In le Carré own words:  
Having your book turned into a movie is like seeing your oxen turned into bouillon cubes. 
    However, this is an exception that turned out to be stunning. Somehow this is really similar to what you imagine while reading a book and even more.


   2. Billions

    I love movies/TV shows and everything related to finance, economics or markets. This is exactly the type of show where you get it all. It might be not the most family friendly show, due to many factors you will notice right from the first minute of watching, but it reminds the viewer that every person has a complex character and just good/evil people don't exist. Anyone can do the right thing, but at the same time have a bad side or vice-versa. Also, I have never thought that Damian Lewis can play once again such a brilliant lead after Homeland.

   3. The Man Who Knew Infinity
    Once again a movie based on a book that unravels life of a genius. It's kind of a sad story that needs to be told, because the humanity often forgets about its brightest minds.  I guarantee that you will get inspired by this story and you might weep a little (well, I did). 
We are merely explorers of infinity in the pursuit of absolute happiness.
  • Books
    4. "Doctor Zhivago" by Boris Pasternak
    This summer I've read a couple of books, but only one truly captivated my attention. Though I spend a part of my life speaking Russian language, for an unknown reason my relationship with this country's cultural heritage has always been complicated. My world turned upside down when I discovered "Doctor Zhivago" by Boris Pasternak. It is not an easy night read you can forget the next day, this book leaves an impact on your mind. "Doctor Zhivago" is about a citizen who had to deal with drastic changes in his country. It's about a man who loved and was loved. I highly doubt that anyone can grasp the main ideas of this book in a couple of lines, so I am going to share with you my favorite quotes that I found in English:
    “The rulers of your minds indulge in proverbs, but they've forgotten the main one, that love cannot be forced, and they have a deeply rooted habit of liberating people and making them happy, especially those who haven't asked for it. You probably fancy that there's no better place in the world for me than your camp and your company. I probably should even bless you and thank you for my captivity, for your having liberated me from my family, my son, my home, my work, from everything that's dear to me and that I live by.”
 “I don't think I could love you so much if you had nothing to complain of and nothing to regret. I don't like people who have never fallen or stumbled. Their virtue is lifeless and of little value. Life hasn't revealed its beauty to them.”
 “Progress in science is governed by the laws of repulsion, every step forward is made by refutation of prevalent errors and false theories. Forward steps in art are governed by the law of attraction, are the result of imitation of and admiration for beloved predecessors.”
       I dare you to read it and remain untouched by this man's fate.
  •  Music
5. X Ambassadors

Well, I just have something for alternative rock. I am quite surprised I didn't discover this band earlier. They sound like a love child of Imagine Dragons and Linkin Park, which in my opinion is a pretty cool mixture. What's great about bands like that is them being amazing both studio and live.

6. Ibeyi

     These girls give me chills. Their performance just brings you into a different universe, the lyrics are deep and Cuban notes create a certain unique atmosphere. If you also enjoy music like that, we can definitely be friends. (any similar music suggestions are very welcome <3)

7. Alicia Keys

    I might have been living under the rock, but this July I rediscovered her creations. She is magic. Her new songs are so much different from everything else she's ever done and I love it. Latin beat and Afro beat are everything, not to mention her simple, yet touching video.

8. Walking on Cars


    This band was discovered thanks to my mother's unusual music taste. One day I just heard this song playing while she was on her laptop, so I had to steal it like I did in case of Florence + The Machine, Hurts, FKA twigs and other hundreds of bands.  I know I have a really cool mom.

   Hope you will enjoy this list as much as I did. Cheers. 

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