Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Big Mystery Behind Being Productive

     People take thousands of decisions daily and everyone has only those precious 24 hours. Even in these circumstances our world is divided in two types of people: those who finish all of their deadlines on time and those who are always late to everything. Well, in the last 5 years I have been on both sides of the equation in the process of searching the balance that would fit into the busy student life. I wanted something that wouldn’t make me stressed and at the same time would improve the quality of performance. For my great disappoint you can’t just become productive, organized and happy in a couple of days. Also, I found out that there is no universal formula to satisfy everyone’s needs (some need to learn to plan their time, others to complete the required tasks). It’s a slow process that you can adjust according to your preferences, only then it’ll become a long-term habit. Here are a few steps I followed to get a little better: 
  • Do your research. It doesn’t necessarily involve long books on the topic because, to be fair, some of them make a simple person feel useless. Find resources that make you feel motivated and happy. There are a lot helpful people on Tumblr , Pinterest and Instagram. Just search hashtags like #productivity, #motivation and for students #studyblog. If you want to learn more about different techniques to organize yourself, take a look at the following Youtube channels: 


  •  Track your activity. Try to write down things you need to do and the amount of time it might consume. Include in the list your breaks. Some researchers suggest that in order to find a perfect schedule you need to write down all the things you do for a week with hours (including breaks, snacks, rest). It helps determine what consumes your time (for example: you spend average 4 hours on social media, so if you cut this time in half, you’ll have more time to do your homework or sleep, as a result the next day you’ll feel better about yourself). To keep track of everything you can use stickers, notebooks or bullet journals.   
  • Make it a habbit. Did you know that you can acquire a habit in 30 days? To make it easier use a habit tracker. I like to use the tracker I found online, but you can always make your own.  
  • Be patient and enjoy the process. Remember that you are doing this for yourself and it should make you happy. If something is too hard to follow, try to change the routine. Nobody is perfect, but anyone can strive for greatness. It will get tough sometimes, however, you will thank yourself later.

    These are the steps that help me. How do you organize your activity?

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